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    installing Acrobat Reader freeware as printer?


      Maybe this is a weird question, but I'll try giving as much info as possible.


      I still have 2 old computers in use, not too often, they're both from 2000 and just used for working with  `Office 2000 Professional` programs.


      On both computers (the desktop is Windows98 and the Laptop is WindowsME) I have the Acrobat Reader6 freeware installed, and at the time (in 2000) there was the possibility to install Acrbat Reader as a PRINTER. So, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I choosed to print, I was always able to choose between my other 2 printers and ACROBAT READER .


      Now, with my new laptop (windows7) it does not let me choose, or better, while I installed AR I did not have a choice to install it as a printer.


      I know that I can SAVE i.e. Excel or Word files as PDF or XPS or other formats, but "in the good old times" I was able to print even pictures out of my camera software or IE-websites as PDF, choosing Adobe Acrobat as printer (yes, it was the free download)


      Any suggestions? Thanks ahead for your time