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    CFGRID Binding Not Working in CF9

    Pete L. Level 1

      I'm having trouble with a CFGRID that works fine in CF8, but when trying to run it on CF9 I get no results and it's like the grid is loading forever. I did have to remove the cfajaximport I was using to get it to load at all, which is does now with the columns and the rest of the grid, but no rows. It's bound to a CFC and I know it works - this is happening to ALL my grids in CF9 now.


      Here's what I've checked:

      - CFIDE folder is mapped

      - CFC is loaded

      - firebug shows a ton of CSS errors from ext-all.css, but the GET request comes back with: {"QUERY":{"COLUMNS":["ID","PAGE","PAGETITLE","SECTION","EDITLINK"],"DATA":[[75,"\/about\/ index.cfm","About the Corporation","About",,"TOTALROWCOUNT":7}


      No rows in the grid though. 


      Grid Code:

                          <cfgrid name="contentGrid" format="html" pagesize="25" selectmode="row" striperowcolor="F0F0F0" striperows="yes" selectcolor="##666666"

                              bind="cfc:assets.cfc.common.getPagesGrid({cfgridpage},{cfgridpagesize},{cfgridsortcolumn}, {cfgridsortdirection})">

                              <cfgridcolumn name="ID" header="ID" width="50">

                              <cfgridcolumn name="section" header="Section" width="300">

                              <cfgridcolumn name="pageTitle" header="Page Title" width="300">

                              <cfgridcolumn name="editLink" header="" width="50">



      Thanks for any help you can provide!