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    Issue with two way bindings in states

    sleblang Level 1

      I have found that if I try to use two way bindings on a property that is specific to a state, i.e. textfield text property, the two way binding does not work. Here's an example:

           <s:State name="normal"/>
           <s:State name="details"/>
      private var bindingTest:String = "This is a test of two way bindings";
      <s:TextArea x="224" y="438" width="667" height="54" id="notes_txt" text.details="@{bindingTest}" />

      If I change the TextArea's text property, the property, bindingTest should update. However, this does not seem to work as outlined above. However, if you simply change text.details="@{bindingTest}" to text="@{bindingTest}" then two way binding works. Is this by design?

      Thanks for any and all replies.