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    AIR, Dreamweaver, SQLite, JS Push Notification


      Hello all,


      I am perty new to AIR. I have made some simple Javascript html pages run with it, but now I would like to make something more complicated. I would like to have a AIR app that will display an HTML window with data that pushed from a certain URL.


      I have tried iFrame, txt files, etc... but nothing is working. I have it all on my localhost, so I didn't think there would be an issue.


      Then I thought, what about SQLite. I could use a text editor that updates the SQLite db and then pushes the message to my computer when I login.


      Any thoughts on how to implment this? Can I do this with just Dreamweaver, HTML and Javascript?


      Thanks for your time!

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          thilgen Level 4

          Can you please clarify...


          are you interested in discussing the HTML push scenario or the SQLite scenario?




          Chris Thilgen

          AIR Engineering

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            flexml Level 1

            Hi, thanks for taking the time to ask for more!


            What I am doing is trying to make an alert that shows up when someone logs onto their computer, if there is a new alert to be shown.


            I don't have access to anything but an Oracle database, so I am going about it possibly with SQLite I guess. You might have a simpler suggestion.


            Originally I thought I could easily program a function to check a file "last update time" and then display the text of the file if it is the newer one.... SO that is the route I thought I would go.


            Does that clear it up a little? It's a simple transparent window with JS running to put it into the bottom right corner of the screen and little "ding" when a new message is found in the directory.



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              flexml Level 1

              So I am thinking my best option would be to use some kind of web service to create and RSS feed that the air desktop application pulls info from. Then when there is a new item in the RSS feed the Alert will be displayed to the users computer, just scroll up from the bottom right.


              My question now is... can I have an AIR app just running in the background and when there is a new feed from the web service, can it just scroll up?


              Any suggestions on how to go about this?



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                Can you use AJAX?