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    Need to take screenshot of Flash app stored on a server


      I'm not even sure this is possible (or if I posted this in the right place), but here's to hoping someone has a   suggestion. First a little background. The website I work on allows   users to, while they're logged in and viewing the page, export an image   of a Flex/Flash application which is then either added to another   wrapper file (excel, word, pdf) or left alone, to either be sent   immediately via email or to be sent to the browser for immediate   download. This works fine as is by calling an ExternalInterface call to   the Flex app telling it what to do with the data it gets when it scans   itself for pixel data.

      Users also have the ability to schedule  exported reports to be sent to  themselves via email at an arbitrary  time in the future. The problem is  that the user is not viewing the  page with the Flex app - the scheduler  just runs in the background and  constructs/sends reports when it's time -  so there's no way to call it  the same way.

      Is there a way I can simulate the Flex app  running in a browser in the  background on the server for the scheduler  to use in order to retrieve the image data?