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    Sending line art to Photoshop?

    comrav01 Level 1

      Illustrator CS4 on Snow Leopard.


      I have a truly vexing Illustrator problem. It seems like a simple challenge, though.


      I have a large black and white vector illustration. There are no grays, only black and white line art.


      I'd like to send only the black line art to Photoshop with the white areas treated as transparency.


      Photoshop treats the un-filled areas as transparency, while it treats the white Illustrator fills as solid white.


      Ordinarily I would simply outline my strokes and do some pathfinder operations to subtract the white fills from the black.


      In this instance, though, there are hundreds of paths: blacks above whites in the stack, whites above blacks, etc. so going through pathfinder commands one path at a time seems almost impossible.


      I've also tried re-coloring all blacks as Pantone spots and printing a color rip to PDF. Same problem: Photoshop treats white fills as solid white.


      So... is there something I'm missing. Is there an easy way to separate my black lines and bring them to Photoshop?