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    Audio plays, no video?




      I built an video player and when I play the same video a second time, I hear audio but I don't see the video, using OSMF.


      I'm not quite sure why this is happening...can anyone point me in the right direction?

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          weizhangstrobe Level 2

          Would you please send me your video player source code such that I can debug it? Also, please let me know the URL of the video that you are playing. Thanks!


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            nchunga Level 1

            After some more testing...I think what is happening is that the flash player is streaming my NetStream Object (note: I'm using OSMF so I don't deal with the netstream directly) even though my Netstream is not yet audible or added to the display list.


            I notice that when I set my video to be "paused at the start" (instead of autoplaying) that this seems to remedy the problem. However, I would really like it to autoplay once it's ready, instead of being paused.


            Is there a way with OSMF to check if the Netstream has been added to the display list/is visible/is ready to play with both audio and video before I tell the player to play?