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    Acrobat 8 Professional and Windows 7


      I've been reading allot of conflicting reports on whether Acrobat 8 works with Windows 7.  Does anyone have the answer to this?

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The confilcting reports may be because it works for SOME people and not for others. The bottom line is that it isn't a supported configuration.

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            Go online and update your Acrobat Professional.  The version number will become 8.13 or something.  Everything runs well after that.


            Give it a try.



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              Hi Twh,


              Both answers provided are correct.


              1. Adobe doesn't officially support Acrobat 8 Std/Pro on Windows 7. This may change depending on Adobe.

              2. After installing Acrobat 8 Std or Pro you will want to update it. Bringing it to the latest update/release corrects most reported issues with running Acrobat 8 on Windows 7. If you do not upgrade/patch after installing, a number of issues will be present, one being that you can't load Acrobat or it crashing shortly after opening it.


              I myself have tested it on Windows 7 Professional (x86), Enterprise (x86), and Ultimate (x64) it is running fine.


              Regards. D.