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    Adobe Premiere Elements.exe has stopped working


      I have never hooked the laptop (Dell, running on Vista) to the internet.  I also haven't added anything to the laptop other than the pictures and video clips from the camera.  Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 were added to the computer when I purchased it from Dell.  This is basically the only thing I wanted the computer to do.


      I have used the program a few times to make a video of my 2008 trip to WDW.  It was working fine and then all of a sudden the message pops up saying something like there is a problem with the program and windows is looking for a solution to correct the problem.  After a few minutes I get this message-A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.


      It doesn't seem to matter what I am doing when I receive this message.  I could be adding a video clip, adding a title, etc.  I haven't had it happen when watching what I have put together (video).  It seems to happen within 5 minutes of opening the program.  It is very frustrating as I just get a few clips in place and if I don't save it, then I have to close the program as I get the error message and my work is not saved.


      I checked and the total physical momory is 4GB and the available physical memory is 2.90GB


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm sorry, but you haven't really given us enough information for us to help you.


          Per the banner at the top of this forum:


          What operating system are you using, how fast is your processor and how much free, defragmented space is on your C drive?


          What kind of camera or camcorder is your video coming from and how did you get it into your computer? What project settings are you using in Premiere Elements to work with this footage?


          And, if you are using photos in your project, have you ensured that they are no larger than 1000x750 pixels, per the FAQs to the right of this forum?

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            rsquirrel44 Level 1

            I did run disc defragmenter and was able to add more video clips.  It then gave me a warning that it was running low on memory and to proceed with caution.  I just needed to add a few transitions but as soon as I selected Edit I got the message that a problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.


            Since the project is already over 1 hr long and I have a lot more to do, I think I will try to burn it and then continue a the project in a new project file.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This is aimed at Premiere Pro, but may help
              A link with many ideas about computer setup http://forums.adobe.com/thread/436215?tstart=0
              Read Harm on drive setup http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662972?tstart=0

              Work through all of the steps (ideas) listed at http://ppro.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting

              If your problem isn't fixed after you follow all of the steps, report back with ALL OF THE DETAILS asked for in the FINALLY section, the questions at the end of the troubleshooting link... most especially the codec used... see Question 1

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I hope that works for you, rsquirrel.


                As John indicates, we can't help you though unless you answer our questions and provide the necessary troubleshooting and details.

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                  rsquirrel44 Level 1

                  When I went to try and make a DVD of the project I got the blue screen of death (I believe that is what I heard it called while searching threads last night).


                  I spent 4 hours on the phone with Dell and Adobe today.  Adobe said they need the serial # of the software.  I called Dell and was told it would be on the disks that were included with my laptop.  I told him I got the box and the computer was inside with an invoice that was it.  Later on he says that I must have got the free trial version then.  I said if that's the case someone at Dell better send me the software as I paid for it.  After being on hold for who knows how long he finally finds out that yes I did indeed pay for the software.  He unfortunately can't send me software disks and transfers me to another area at Dell.  I then spend more countless minutes retelling why I need the software disks to be told that he can't help me, his supervisor will contact me tomorrow.


                  I have tried to figure out what you need to help me find out what is wrong with my computer, but I really don't know much about Vista.  I don't understand much of what you have written.


                  Here is what I have found out I have Windows Media Player installed but don't have Quicktime.  The C:/ has 98.2GB free of 283 GB, E:/ has 1.98 GB free of 14.6GB.  It's got Windows Vista Home Premium, 2.10GHz processor, 4GB (dual core 2x2), 64-bit operating system.


                  The project information-AVI Movie, Source Audio Format-11024 Hz-8bit-mono, Project Audio Format-48000Hz-32 bit floating point.  Project size 7.0GB, Editing mode DVNTSC.


                  I have a Cannon PowerShot A710IS and the memory card was put in the memory slot on the laptop to transfer the photos and video, I believe.  If not then I used a CD-R disc to transfer them.  The video and photos for 2009 were definately added by the memory card.  I haven't even started making a project with them yet.

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                    nealeh Level 5

                    To move forward:

                    • Install QuickTime player 7.6.6. PRE is dependant on QuickTime being present
                    • Go to windows update and install all available updates.
                    • Run Disk Cleanup to remove temporary files (or better yet download, install and run CCleaner )
                    • Run Disk Defragmenter on your disk drive.
                    • If you plan to do pan and scan ensure all still photo's in your project have been resized to no more than 1000 x 750. If not planning pan & scan then use 720 x 480.
                    • Convert your video to DV-AVI before importing it into PRE. See What tools can I use to convert my video to DV-AVI?


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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Also, Premiere Elements can not work with video directly from a still camera. Per the FAQs to the right of this program, you should convert these AVIs to DV-AVIs before you bring them into Premiere Elements. You can do this with MPEG Streamclip or Windows Moviemaker.



                      If you do that and follow Neale's suggestions, you should be okay.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        A BSOD is almost always a hardware issue. The main culprits are:


                        1.) heat buildup

                        2.) RAM going bad

                        3.) A PSU (Power Supply Unit) that is underpowered, going bad, or improperly connected to the rails on the MoBo

                        4.) MoBo going bad


                        Before I began troubleshooting any software issues, I would be 100% sure that all hardware issues have been addressed. This ARTICLE will point you to some useful tools for checking things out.


                        Good luck,



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                          It really is disconcerting when a product stops working.  I'm running windows 7 with 4 MB RAM, a multiprocessor detected by Premiere 8, and I had my first significant crash today.


                          I don't have product information because the laptop I'm running on is not connected to the Internet.


                          Premiere 8 seemed to open fine, but crashed when trying to open both a new project and crashed when trying to open an existing project.  The screen went blank, the Adobe icon on the task bar previewed a jumbled screen, and I couldn't tell in Task Manager what processes it was running.


                          After rebooting twice, it seems to have recovered.  Previous defaults had disappeared, and Premiere began with the workspace collapsed.  Any hints on what to record in order to document the failure for future recovery?


                          There are two, significant problems resulting from the mysterious nature of a software crash.  There's a significant superstition that problems arise if you do not connect to the internet and allow your software to talk to its parent company.  There's also the huge problem of transacting all this business over the internet because, as you can see here, I have no clue if anyone will read this (although I was impressed that on a different problem an Adobe worker did quicly respond.)


                          In any case, what would you do if the program just stopped working?  Would Adobe replace it, how much time and effort would be required, who would you call, and what information would they need?

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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            You can contact Adobe by going to Adobe.com and clicking on the Contact button. They would know the answers to these questions better than any of us.