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    actionscripting cue point

      I have my cue points written in actionscript and they do work when i just needing something to happen within seconds. for instance:
      var cuePt:Object = new Object();
      cuePt.time = 10;
      cuePt.name = "end";
      cuePt.type = "actionscript";

      at 10 seconds my event is happening.

      However, i have a video and the end of it is at 10 minutes and 56 seconds. how would i write this? i have looked online and in the help files and have tried various means for writting it. i have even switched to milliseconds. this looked like this:
      cuePt.time = 654000;

      unfortunately, when it reached the end, the action did not take place (and by the way this time is a couple seconds prior to the end just so i would know the video was reaching the time specified.

      can someone help me write 10 minutes and 56 seconds correctly?