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    Suddenly unable to connect to my webserver


      Hi everyone.

      So I ran into a sticky situation on a swf that has been working quite well for several years and this morning out of the blue my test movie (local) suddenly refuses to connect to my web server. I think the culprit is the new flash debug player I installed last night. I upgraded to 10.1 from 9.something. After sifting through countless google searches and beating my head against my desk for the past few hours Im at a total loss as to what happened and how to get my local testing working once again. The really confusing thing is that I can publish and upload to my web server and it works just fine. (Not really an option as a compile/upload takes a bit less than 10 mins)

      Im running Flash Pro 8

      So the first thing I did was uninstall the new flash debug player. Ran a test movie, no luck (Error opening url()...)

      Next I downloaded and installed Flash player 9 content debugger (netscape-compatible browsers). Ran a test move, no luck

      Gotta be my server then, nope all directories/files and permissions are exactly the same.

      Hummm... I wonder if I can connect to my server at all? I uploaded a brand new test file (test.txt) to the server and open it in a browser to make sure its accessible. Created a new fla with the following code:


      var server:String = "http://www.campaign63.com/resources/test.txt";
      this.createTextField("params_txt", 10, 10, 10, 100, 21);
      params_txt.autoSize = "left";
      System.security.allowDomain(server); //shouldnt be necessary but I want to rule as much out as I can
      var my_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
      my_lv.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) {
          if (success) {
              trace("text file successfully loaded");
              params_txt.text = my_lv.testValue;
          } else {
              params_txt.text = "unable to load text file";


      with the local playback security set to "Access network only"

      Fails: "Error opening URL "http://www.campaign63.com/resources/test.txt""

      To rule out my code I change the first line to: var server:String = "test.txt"; it works (regardless of the local playback security setting)

      Im am at a total loss...

      Any help would be greatly appreciated