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    Update progress bar from repeater events


      I have a component that uses a repeater to download and set information on a collection of items from the internet.  This can take a while, so I tried to set up a panel with a progress bar to provide some feedback.


      Problem is, when the repeater is executing, it apparently doesn't yield time so the progress bar can update. (?!)


      The end result is that the progressbar doesn't show anything until the repeater is done, at which point it shows the last value the repeater loaded.


      So, is there a way to get around this?  Can the repeater be triggered with timer ticks, instead of blindly looping?


      Scouring the docs, but nothing is showing, yet.  At worst case, I guess I can bag the repeater and just fetch the items in a timer driven loop, rather than use the repeater mechanism.  Would be a drag, but I need the progress bar to update.


      Any thoughts appreciated.