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    Capture Excel data to batch rename Text BTN symbols property panel

    evacompany Level 1

      Sorry for the simple question I ask. I am CS3 and will be CS5 soon.


      In case we build the iphone menu icons with Fireworks, 20 icons per page for 11 pages(totally 220 icons)


      Since the icon name are all in same style, so I make a Text BTN symbol and use it repeatly and just change the content.(in the Text box of the Properties panel)


      Now I have a Excel data file, but I have to copy and paste the name all manually for 220 times


      Is there any method to batch rename/imput the symbols(Properties panel)?



      by the way, I tried to use data-driven graphic wizard to merge the icons graphic slice file with xml data file.

      it works but not easy to do as I may have 1000+ icons in a project.