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    Pound (£) Sign Displays as '£' in CFBuilder or saves as '�' - (Bug-80209)


      When a cfm page created in home site (or any other plain text editor) is saved with a GBP pound sign '£' and opened in cfbuilder. cfbuilder cannot display this and just displays a small diamond box with a question mark in it.


      If you save the page in cfbuilder and open it in any other text editor it displays £ (funny A with an accent on top and the £ sign).


      By using ‘£’ or ‘#chr(163)#’ fixes the problem but this doesn’t help when opening someone else’s code (who has used just a simple ‘£’ sign), making any small change and saving – As soon as you save, cfbuilder overwrites all instances of the grey diamond with Arabic looking charaters – ‘�’


      This is I highly critical bug and I reported it last September but Adobe have done nothing to fix this (that I can see) Bug ID – 80209 - http://cfbugs.adobe.com/bugreport/flexbugui/cfbugtracker/main.html#bugId=80209


      I have tested this on the following machines (with the new update)


      • Win7 with eclipse plugin
      • Win xp with cfbuilder stand alone app
      • Mac OSX


      The only time it seemed to work was on the Mac any PC installation displayed the same problem


      Any help would be great – also if anyone else can confirm this issue and let me know (or post as comment on the bug tracker)




      PS I have found whilst googling a few replications of this problem with people on Linux machines (nothing to do with cfbuilder or eclipse) link below.