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    Premiere CS5 loses transitions and scrubbing


      First, our system:


      Gigabyte EX58- UD3R mobo

      i7 920 proc

      6Gb Ram

      500Gb system drive

      6 Tb  (4 x 1.5) Assetts drive Raid 0

      Blackmagic Decklink Extreme

      GeForce GTS 250

      LG Blu-ray rewriter.

      Windows 7 64 bit


      Clean install 2 days ago to try and fix the problem.


      All software is up to date including yesterdays nVidia drivers (which haven't stoppped the problem)

      Blackmagic drivers 7.2.2 the latest.

      Premiere is updated to 5.0.1


      Now the problem:-


      Project settings

      Blackmagic HD 1080 50i


      Footage HDV - about 20 hours

      Programme duration about 1 hour 45 mins



      After about 10 - 15 minutes of editing, we lose the ability to scrub (last picture remains frozen) and all transitions (which are yellow banded) freeze across the transition and then cut to the new footage at the end of the transition. Platback sometimes stops as well. Re-starting the programme restores functionality.

      I added a new sequence with Premiere's HDV preset and copied and pasted the sequence into this new timeline.

      Then when the Blackmagic sequence stopped working, I checked the HDV sequence and that was still working.

      It seems to me the Blackmagic Extreme card which is quite old may be the problem - anyone experienced anything similar?



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          shooternz Level 6

          Are you able to create a Sequence that does not include BM Presets and import the project into it as a test?


          Just curious..why are you using BM with CS5?


          Reason for asking: I have one on the shelf (BM Intensity Pro) that I cant find a reason to use with CS5

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            Tommy_TV Level 1


            We need the BM card to capture and export to all sorts of formats (DVcam, DigiBeta, HDCam, even VHS archive), also for previewing in HD on an external monitor. DV and HDV we capture straight into Premiere without the capture card, but then use a BM preset so clients can watch everything on the HD monitor.

            I created a Premiere HDV sequence (which doesn't use the BM card) imported the BM project into that and it works just fine.



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