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    Problem with decoding barcode within a process.

    backroom boy Level 1

      Hello.I have a process of decoding barcodes.


      I have 3 examples of barcodes (the inforrmation encoded in several barcodes(from 2 to 5) ), this process decodes one of them  just fine(3 barcodes on the page), and during decoding  two others some problems occur : after "Decode" of 2nd barcode (5 barcodes on the page) process returns the number of barcodes = 2 (but there are 5 !!!).So it doesn't recognize all the barcodes.After  "decode" of 3rd barcode the process retruns "null" number of barcodes(there are 2 ).



      How am i making a barcode :i am encoding it manually (using scripts) .I manually create an XML with all data from the form i need, then i cut the hole XML into several litlle ones(which not exceed the capacity of one barcode ), and each of little XMLs i encode in barcode.(If needed , barcodes dynamically add one by one to store all the content ).


      The aim of the process is to recognize all the barcodes , return some XML data from each of them and then to concat all pieces into one big XML, we needed.


      I can send an email with  *.tiff barcode examples and the *.lca of the process.(Don't know how to attach it to the topic).


      1.How can i fix something to make my process work with all these barcodes?

      2.Am i do these things correct ? in the "get Number of Borcodes" i wrote /process_data/@count = count(/process_data/xmlData//content)  Is it correct way  to count number of <xb:content> elements in returned XML after "Decode" operation?

      And in the  "receive part of XML data from Barcode"  /process_data/@tmpXML = /process_data/xmlData/descendant::content[position()=/process_data/@i]/text()
      Is it correct to use such an expression to choose part of information ,encoded in barcodes ,from XML we received after "Decode"?


      Thank you.