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    Adobe AIR is not accessible in Windows 7

    smon_ed Level 1

      I have updated my OS to Windows 7 and now none of my Flex apps are accessible to screen readers.


      I have tested with Windows Narrator and JAWS 11.


      I have also tested the QothTheTwitter application, which is used in an Adobe Document advising developers on how to achieve accessibility in their Flex application.  This isn't accessible by the screen readers either.


      http://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/flex/articles/creating_accessible_apps_in_air_and_flex_pri nt.html


      Does Adobe AIR 2.0 have screen reader accessibility in Windows 7?  They were all working in Win XP.


      I really need to know because I'm in the middle of a MASSIVE distance learning course for a major University and it requires full accessibility.  If there is no accessibility in Win 7, I am screwed.  I've spent weeks on this and it may kill my project and the loss to my employer may cost me my job.


      Adobe staff... can you please advise me on whether accessibility for screen readers is functional in Adobe AIR 2.0 on Windows 7.  At least reply!


      Are there any working examples available, so I can see it proven?


      I really need a reply and perhaps some real input and help from Adobe about this - it's important that Adobe supports developers attempting to make their applications accessible to disabled users.




      Message was edited by: smon_ed Just tested with NVDA and I'm getting some result with it.  But nothing from Windows Narrator (was fine in XP) and nothing from JAWS 11 either (also worked in Win XP) so I'm a bit worried.

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          We do not know of any issues related to Accessibility that differ between Windows XP and Windows Vista/Windows 7.


          Does your installation of JAWS 11 work with other applications on Windows 7?


          Which version of JAWS 11 are you using?


          Which version of AIR is installed?


          Is content accessible in the browser - IE and/or Firefox should support screenreaders with Flash/Flex content.


          Are you using a Win32 or Win64 version of Windows 7?


          Chris Thilgen

          AIR Engineering

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            smon_ed Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            I am using Windows 7, 32-bit

            I'm authoring in Flex 4 (Flash Builder) and publishing to AIR 2.0


            It's good to know there are no known differences betwen the two OSs.  I can confirm that Windows Narrator was able to speak button component labels and text component content in Windows XP but does not do so in Windows 7.  I know these are not in your list of supported screen readers but I thought it's worth mentioning anyway.


            I have the latest AIR 2.0 runtime installed.


            I am using Windows 7 32-bit


            I am using the demo of JAWS 11.0.1461


            After discovering that NVDA worked and reading your reply that there are no known differences between the OSs, I decided to re-install JAWS to see if was a problem with the reader software.  JAWS doesn't appear to like Windows 7 very much, with some errors during install this time around!   Despite this, it now appears to be reading content successfully in my newly published application.  YAY!!!  *very relieved*  So now I can confirm that I have screen reader functionality in JAWS and NVDA.


            Therefore, apologies for the previous panicky posts and thanks very much for your quick reply.  I'm finding accessibility a difficult thing to achieve and test, so your support is appreciated.


            (As an aside, neither of the installed screenreaders appear to be reading the QuothTheTwitter demo application I installed, but perhaps that is because it was built with a beta version of Flex and/or AIR ?)