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    Skin import/export and XML issue? Cp5


      Hello there,


      I have to say I'm feeling rather stupid posting again and again -- there is a team of us working from a central repository and due to deadlines, we had a couple of projects started before we finalised a template.


      Now that we have a template, it seems extremely difficult to apply the designed skin onto the existing project. Even though I saved the template skin, I could not find it's source file and none of the export fundtions actually facilitates the skin definitions.


      I tried opening the project on the machine on  which the skin was designed assuming I could choose it from the drop  down selection - but - alas - even though it was saved, it was no where  on that list.

      By pure fluke, I had the template and the working project open at the same time and found out I could then - and only then - choose the skin from the template when changing skin settings for the proejct.

      Is this how it's meant to happen, or am I missing something huge?....



      Also - having attempted a number of times to export settings via XML and re-importing them straight back in (on the same machine using the same template/project file), the importing of the XML file fails every single time.


      I wouldn't mind attaching it in case it needs reviewing, however, I did not edit/reqrite anything from it's Captivate output, nor can I find a means of attaching files to this forum....

      Not my day, is it?!


      Thanks for your help, shani.

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          Vikranth p vivek Level 2



          The skin gets saved in the preferences folder.


          If you have created a custom skin and saved it, then it will be saved as .ini file in the Captivate Preferences folder.

          (C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Captivate 5\Themes assuming you have installed captivate in C:\ directory)


          Each time captivate launches, it retrieves all the saved skins from this folder.


          So, if there is any custom saved skin then it should get listed in the Skin Editor >> Skin drop down irrespective of the project in which it was created.