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    Calculate TextFlow width


      Is it possible to make a TextFlow on a single line and then calculate the width of a TextFlow?

      Or is it possible to calculate how long a TextFlow will be if it was on a single line?

      I want to be able to resize a selection box to the size of the text, and the the text will always be on a single line.

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          Yes, you can use the multiline attribute (false) of the richtext container to make it the textflow one line.

          Then, after the "CREATION_COMPLETE" event, you can find the size of the text flow and resize your container.

          My code works and can push you in the right direction.  I have found that the resizing code is quite difficult to get right for all of the cases.

          My textflow is NOT a single line.


          (I use a similar approach to resize a container to the size of the textflow:


          This is the code that creates  everything


                      scroller = new SxScroller();
                      scroller.dx = dxScroller;
                      scroller.dy = dyScroller;


                      richText = scroller.richText;
                      richText.editable = false; // textCharacter.enableEdit; // probably false.  TODO:  support true???
                      richText.selectable = true; // required
                      richText.width = dxRichText;
                      richText.height = dyRichText;    


          richText.textFlow = TextFlowUtil.importFromString(textFlow, flashx.textLayout.formats.WhiteSpaceCollapse.PRESERVE);

                Then I use my "get" size methods to discover the content size (see below)


          And resize like this:

                                      richText.width = dxNew;
                                      richText.height = dyNew;



                  public function get dxContent():int {
                      var mN:String = cN+".get dxContent ";
                      return scroller ? (richText ? richText.contentWidth : 0) : 0;
                  public function get dyContent():int {
                      var mN:String = cN+".get dyContent ";
                      return scroller ? (richText ? richText.contentHeight : 0) : 0;            




          My custom scroller class:


          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
              width="100%" height="100%"
                      private var cN:String="SxScroller(MXML)"
                      public function set dx(value:int):void {
                          width = value;
                      public function get dx():int {
                          return width;
                      public function set dy(value:int):void {
                          height = value;
                      public function get dy():int {
                          return height;
                      public function get richText():RichEditableText{
                          return myRichText;
              <s:Group id="myGroup" width="100%" height="100%">
                  <s:RichEditableText id="myRichText" selectable="true">