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    Complex XML DataGrid Population

      Hey Flexers,

      Bit of a forum lurker here. Got a problem I'm hoping someone can help me out with. Here is the deal.

      I've got a DataGrid with a few columns, and an XML File.

      The XML I think is the most pertinent to the converstation, so I'll explain that first.

      What I have is something that looks a bit like this:


      So in the code, the dataprovider would be RequestFeed.lastResult.Result.Item right? because that is where the singularity ends. I have multiple Items so I can't traverse any further.

      So now, how do I display the stuff inside Data?

      Logically I would want to do something like dataField="Data.Field1" in the columns, but that doesn't seem to work.

      Anyway, I hope that conveys the problem I'm having and the general concept of what I'm trying to accomplish.

      Thanks you all in advance ;-)