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    Print multiple copies of a document


      How can I print multiple copies of a document more effectivly?

      If I got a 2-page document and I want to print 100 pages, it seems Adobe Reader generates a 200-page print.

      Would it be possible somehow to just send the 2 pages and then have the printer print it 100 times?


      Does such an option/setting exist?

      Printing high quality PDF-images takes a lot of time and system resources the way it is working now.


      Running Adobe Reader 9.3.0 on Windows XP Pro 32-bit.

      Running the printers on a Windows Server 2008 R2.

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          This is a bigger issue if you use a MFP that can staple.  Instead of having 100 copies of a 2 page stapled document, you wind up with 200 pages stapled together (if the copier could do that)...


          We never noticed this with Reader 9.x but this is definately an issue with Reader X not talking to print drivers.  The work around is simple, print one copy in acrobat, and set your number of copies in the printer preferences dialog, but this should NOT be reuqired.  Every other application talks to the printer driver and the "ignore application collate" works for everything else under the sun.  Why doesn't Reader X play nice with the print driver?