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    _movie.go() onhyperlinkclicked




      I have different movies in a folder and I want to create hyperlinks to switch between them. I'm using the following statement for the jump:




      Now whenever I click on the links, jump occurs, but the projector crashes immediately. The same works fine in case of onMouseUp event on a member (which I can not use in my case).


      I googled and came around some info such as its really a bug and it used to work fine in earlier versions. Is there any way or workaround to accomplish this? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Production Monkey Level 3

          Wow!!  I couldn't believe there was a bug with your code so I tried it out. Unbelievable..


          When I run into this class of bug the first thing I try is to delay the action I want to take by using a timeout object. I tried that and it works.


          This behavior works for me in D11.5


          property  pClicked
          property  pData


          on hyperlinkClicked me, data, range
            if pClicked then exit  -- stop multiple clicks
            pClicked = 1
            pData = data
            Tmp = timeout().new("goMovieDelay", 1, #goToMovie , me)


          on goToMovie me, Timeob




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            Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

            This is a known problem with many asset xtras:  jumping to a frame/movie that will destroy the sprite instance from an event generated by the sprite causes a crash. This was an issue in the Text Asset some years ago and was subsequently fixed. It's unfortunate it has re-appeared.

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              hspan Level 1



              I tried your method and it worked like a charm .


              Thanks a lot for your help.