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    RH7: Project only showing Times New Roman in fonts dropdown




      I'm having trouble with a project that was just fine a few weeks ago. At the moment, the only option in the font selection dropdown is "Times New Roman"... a lovely font, but we write our documentation in Arial, so we kinda need that At the moment we can't select any other font for our documents, only TNR.


      I'm not very experienced with RH, but I have checked the stylesheet (seems linked correctly and the contents are the same as the stylesheets for the projects that don't have any problems), the templates seem ok too... I'm stumped.


      Other things that are happening (seemingly at random):

      - new topics are created without an associated stylesheet

      - new topics have TNR size 12 as default font (our templates have Arial 9)

      - old topics open without a stylesheet; adding in the required HTML code for the stylesheet doesn't seem to help.


      All these happened on my coworker's PC, I can't replicate them on mine. Either way, on both our PCs the only font showing is TNR.


      This might be important: the projects were recently added to Robo SourceControl. Can this be related to that?


      I'd appreciate any help, especially since we've got a big release coming up next week and all documentation needs to be in top shape by then