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    Feeback for Acroread 9.X.X and Solaris10_x86


      Thank you for porting Acrobat Reader 9.3.3 to Solaris10_x86.


      This what I am observing with 'acroread' on Solaris10_x86


      When I launch it, acroread is responsive for 3-5 seconds and then it gets completely unresponsive. trussing it reveals that it is on a loop opening and testing ALL of the font files on my system.


      Please note that I use X11+fontconfig and I have asked fontconfig to cache the descriptions of all fonts including fonts from te TeXlive2009 distributions. I agree that the number of visible fonts is large but it appears that acroread bypasses fontconfig and goes to directly "check" all font files.


      Is this a neceaasry step or acroread just relies on old habits and ignores fontconfig cache ?


      thanks ....