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    CS5 and Camera Raw Question


      I have installed CS5 extended on a MAC and can't seem to find Camera Raw. It shows up in "about" and has the option of Camera Raw preferences but there seems to be no way to open a photo file in Camera Raw. What am I missing? do i need to download plug in? Thanks for any help!

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Just simply opening a suitable raw file doesn't start the ACR plug-in automatically?


          Does choosing Open As... from the menu not give you a Camera Raw choice?


          Reading between the lines, are you trying to open other already developed file types (e.g., TIFF, JPEG, etc.) through Camera Raw?  There is a configuration item that will set it to do so (or not) by default.   In your Preferences - Camera Raw dialog look for JPEG and TIFF handling.



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            rjmetsch Level 1

            Thanks Noel, I found some of it's functions. And when I download a raw file

            from my camera into Bridge it does open automatically in Camera Raw. I'm a

            new user to Photoshop so it's a learning issue. Thank you for taking the

            time to respond.