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    Interactive Map


      Well, my latest project is to create an interactive version of the map for the game, GTA: San Andreas. Here are some of the features I would like to add:

      (Images have been made as a quick demonstration - the real thing will use the map)


      Zoomed out, selectable pieces of the map (like jigsaw pieces)

      The different "jigsaw" pieces of the map are based on the borderlines of where each town/village starts/ends.


      When a region on the map is chosen, it zooms into the region, allowing the user to select a town/village within that region. This screen will have a "back" button on it to allow the user to go back to the whole map.


      After choosing a town/village, the last screen appears, providing an image (screenshot from in-game) of the destination with information to the left or right of the image. This screen will also have a "back" button on it to allow the user to go back to the chosen region. The detail on the map will also show basic places that the player of the game would like to know, such as hospital locations, ammu-nation locations (gun shops) and safehouses.

      Once I have the basic version done, I plan on updating it by adding locations of other items, such as vehicles, collectables and weapons.


      Now that I have explained my project, I have a few questions to ask.

      1) Is it possible to make oddly-shaped hotspots, which are interactable (clickable and what not)? I know you can make rectangular hotspots, but the borderlines of the towns and villages in the game aren't straight lines, and most require more than 4 lines to make the shape.

      2) Is there any way I can learn the code that Flash uses? Just so I understand it a bit more, since I am using it for a two-year school project too, which goes towards my GCSEs next year. I would just like to get more familiar with Flash, and maybe the other programs, Illustrator and Fireworks. The only ones I know well are Photoshop and Dreamweaver.


      Thanks to anyone who offers to help,


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          funkysoul Level 4

          regarding your question about the different shapes, you can always use a movieclip, draw on it with the default tools like square, path and so on (or even code) and use that as button, by adding just a few lines of code like this:


          myNotSoEvenShape.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler );


          function clickHandler( e:MouseEvent):void


          //do something when clicked



          I recommend you buying a flash CS4 / CS5 book and work through it, then you should be ready to get going with your project.
          There are also dozens of online tutorials, but I always prefered a hardcopy book to read and to learn