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    new ListCollectionView(ArrayCollection) problem


      Hey everyone,


      I have a component that performs filtering on the dataprovider, but I don't want that dataprovider to be filtered elsewhere.  The component I am using is an opensource auto complete textbox, which operates by text changing the dataprovider filter.


      I want the data provider to be wrapped in a ListCollectionView so that the original dataprovider is never touched, but mimicked.


      The problem though, is that the dataprovider always comes up empty this way...  Any ideas?


                          dataProvider="{new ListCollectionView(individualsPM.individualsCollection)}"
                          prompt="Please select"
                          change="individualName.selectedItem != null ?
                              individualsPM.getIndividual(individualName.selectedItem as Individual):
                          searchChange="individualsPM.createIndividual(); individualsPM.selectedIndividual.name = individualName.searchText"/>