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    Nested 3DTransforms

    1ndivisible Level 1

      I'm having real problems using 3DTranforms (Effects or direct manipulation)  in FLex 4.1 in containers that are either direct or indirect children of other containers that have had 3D transforms applied to them. It seems that mouse interactivity is lost on children of the nested container, or partially lost.


      There are 2 bugs in the Jira relating to this, both of which have been closed as Fixed.


      I can't find any documentation on the intricacies of using 3DTransforms in Flex, so I have the following questions:


      Does Flex 4.1 support nested 3DTransforms? If I set a PerpectveProjection on a container, and another(different) PerspectiveProjection on a child container, should I retain Mouse interactivity?


      How do PerspectiveProjections effect nested components? I have seen documentation saying the PerspectiveProjection should be set on the container in order to effect its children, but I have encountered situations where the only way to retain mouse interaction is to set it recursively until the control requiring MouseInteration is reached.



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          Shongrunden Adobe Employee

          Can you please post a small code sample demonstrating your issue and also links to the bugs you suspect are related?

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            1ndivisible Level 1



            I tried to isolate the problem into a simple test-case, but I couldn't get it to replicate. I will try again when I have time.


            The problem consisted of two seemingly unrelated problems.


            The first problem occurred when trying to perform a 3d transform on a skin part where the skin's owner had itself had a 3dTransform applied to it. The skin's owner was a renderer in a list, and I found everything worked fine until I stopped interacting with the swf for about 10 seconds. After this gap of inactivity, if I went back to interacting with the swf, renderers would disappear and appear only when moused over. Sometimes part of the renderer would be left on screen and sometimes in the wrong place.


            The second problem was a regression of the previous bugs. A nested PerspectiveProjection caused MouseEvents to stop firing on components within it. The only work around was to recursively pass the PerspectiveProjection down to all effected components and sub components.


            I will try and file a full bug report when I have time.


            The most similar bug is here: https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-1609


            But also see: https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-2445