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    moving e-pub document to nook


          Having trouble moving e-pub or pdf file to nook. All efforts to move open source documents from archive sites have been frustrating. shows up in reader section but will not copy to bookshelf so i can transfer it to nook.any suggestions would be appreciated. Kind of new to nook and digital ink but game on as usual.Don't want to use paper as all will print. Thanks and luck to all.

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          heresolong Level 1

          I just bought my Nook today and have been playing with it all afternoon.  Try this.  Instead of telling your browser to "Open file with Adobe DR" tell it to save to disk somewhere.  Then select "Add file to library".  I noticed that I could open the files directly in ADR but that there was no option then to add them to the library.  I saved all the books I wanted to disk and voila...  I have them all on my Nook.


          Hope this helps.