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    IOError with Epub Document using kobo device


      I bought a book using the Sony Reader Library and was told that I could move the book (in epub) format to my Kobo using ADE - However when I attempt to do that I recieve an IO Error unable to copy the book. Full Error information is as follows;


      This is the error i get when i plug in my kobo and ADE recognizes it's connected.



      IO Error on local file open



      E:\Digital Editions\The_Pirate_King.epub


      Event Detail:

      Error #2038

      --- end ---



      The error I get when trying to copy the book over to the kobo is;


      Error: The Pirate King




      I spoke to kobo support and they told me that I needed to get the license reset from Sony where I bought the book - but that seems to be a pain to get done but I am still trying..



      Can anyone else offer any sort of suggestions are to how to resolve this issue?


      Im using Windows XP SP3, with ADE installed -- I have to have the Sony Reader software installed otherwise I cannot download the book I bought there. I also have the kobo software installed.