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    New user to 'Premiere' - 2D Animation available?


      Hi guys - My names Tom, and if you're regulars then you may have guessed that I'm new here!


      Just before I kick off, a bit of background info... I've been using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator since the CS3 days at College and have become very confident with them obviously, great pieces of software.


      My current situation - I'm preparing my own 2D Animation, 5 minutes long in duration. So far, my plan has been the following (for production);


      1. Draw and Paint Backgrounds, which will then be photographed individually and imported in Photoshop.

      2. Each of the animated frames would be 'drawn' on Illustrator with my Wacom tablet, to which I would then drag them over into Photoshop

      3. Using Photoshops 'Animation' mode, organise the frames and Voila! Render it.


      Although this is a brief overview, there is one flaw... the Animation mode on Photoshop isn't up to much!


      So I've turned to Premiere. What I'm hoping to get advice on is whether Premiere has the ability produce Animation in a frame-by-frame mode, and of course, whether I could Drag over my Illustrator drawings directly into it. Judging from what I've read so far, people have attempted some forms of animation.


      The only other necessity is 'Multiplaning' (layering different drawings on top of each other, and moving them about to change perspective). This will be vital in certain parts to achieve dimension.


      As I said, I'm a little sketchy on whether Premiere has these kinds of capabilities, so any help is appreciated!


      Thanks guys