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    Help with new Table Style formatting??


      I am having all kinds of problems using the new table style formatter.  I am not a RoboHelpHTML 8 expert (I did better with version 5).  I am trying to create a table with 3 columns, the first of which is left-justified, the last 2 are centered.  The header (row 1) is bolded and centered.  Also I want all the lines the same thickness.  I created the table using the standard SimpleGridBlack... Image2.jpgThere actually is a line across the top... don't know what happened to it.  Next I ran WebHelp and the picture there looked identical to one here.  Then I duplicated the SimpleGridBlack and applied the new style to this table.  Next I started making changes to the new style.  I selected the First Row and made all columns centered and bolded.Image4a.jpgSince I want columns 2 and 3 to be centered, I next selected even columns for changing.Image5a.jpgThis took care of column 2.  Then I selected the last column for change.Image6a.jpgThis took care of column 3.  However, the results were not what I expected.Image10.jpgThe upload does not quite show the picture correctly.  The line under the "gg" is actually there and the lines separating columns 1-2 and 2-3 in row one are actually there.

      Image15.jpgHowever, the first line of column 3 is not centered and lines A-B-C, D-E-F, A-D-G, and B-E-H are thicker than the other lines.


      I certainly hope someone can help.  It has taken 2 days and getting a web site unblocked for my use to get to the point that I am at now.  This is a document that I have to get out this week and I have a lot of tables to change.  Thank you for any help.