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    Problems with PiPL compilation


      Hello All,


      I am in the middle of porting over a suite of existent CS5 plugins from Windows to Mac and am running into some compilation problems during the phase of building the .r file of a filter project. As such, and to be explicit, I am running into the following problems on the Mac, and was wondering if anyone knew how to fix the issues.


      I have attempted to set up the Xcode project exactly as specified in the Premiere Pro CS5 SDK Guide on page 20-21 and also have a very similar overall source structure as seen in the 'Simple_Video_Filter' example that comes bundled with the SDK. However, upon reaching the build phase of my project where the .r file is getting compiled, I am getting hit with three errors which I can't seem to get rid of. The errors are as follows:


      1) At the line in my .r file that reads:

      resource 'PiPL' (16000) {


      I am getting an error that states:

      Can't find the declaration for the resource type 'PiPL' (0x5069504C)


      2) At line 98 of 'PrSDKTypes.h' that reads:

      typedef csSDK_uint64 csSDK_size_t


      I am getting an error that states:

      Expected 'DATA', ENUM', 'INCLUDE', 'READ', 'RESOURCE', or 'TYPE', but got identifier (typedef)


      3) At line 331 of 'PrSDKTypes.h' that reads:

      struct PrParam


      I am getting an error that states:

      Expected 'DATA', ENUM', 'INCLUDE', 'READ', 'RESOURCE', or 'TYPE', but got identifier (struct)


      Note that I have also made a direct copy of the entire 'Simple_Video_Filter' project that exists in the SDK (and builds properly on my machine) and reworked this copy using my .cpp, .h and .r files (changing pertinent project names where necessary) and am getting these exact same three errors. As I am getting the last two errors in header files that come with the SDK, it seems there has got to be something off in my own files somewhere, but I just can't figure out where.


      Anyone seen something like this before and know a fix?


      Thanks in advance,


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          jbodinet Level 1

          As usual, shortly after I posted I seem to have found the fix.


          It seems that on the Mac there are portions of 'PrSDKPiPLVer.h' that are dependent upon 'MAC_ENV' being defined. In my own .r file I had moved around the #define MAC_ENV so that it came after calling #include "PrSDKPiPLVer.h" and so MAC_ENV was not yet defined when including the code of that .h file - hence the compile errors.