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    Community Help is lame.

    Codefinger Level 1

      Hi all,


      Time for a rant, like it or not.


      I want to view the API details for the FLVPlayback component, AS2 version, so I go ahead and open Community Help. After entering queries in the search field like "FLVPlayback", "FLVPlayback component api as2" - mix and match those search queries however you like - all I get is a bunch of unhelpful, verbose, unrelated content.




      Hi Google can you help? No, there's too much guff on the web. Not Googles fault, so that's a shame. I could keep searching and find it eventually via Google.


      This raises a fundamental problem - I JUST WANT THE API. I want to code. I want to be productive. I want the API so I can code and be productive.


      Now, I'm waiting for yet another Community Help update package, 18 minutes later and it's still nearly crashing.


      So, with all of the productivity enhancements Flash has to offer now - I find myself waiting and thinking about more coffee more than ever. This is ridiculous.


      Let me be clear - I appreciate and encourage active development on any tool I use, including Flash, but not when it actively prevents me from accessing what I consider to be basic information which should very very easily be available - especially within the Flash IDE itself. Were I using other software to compile swf objects, I might expect to jump through a hoop or two, download a Community Help plugin or whatnot. But *not* from within the IDE.


      So, Flash or JavaScript?



      Rant over.