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    Flex IDE features

      I develop AS code in Flash CS3. I looked at using Flex 3, but the one feature that would actually make the IDE useful is the parsing of the syntax and having a quick method navigation. It's a fairly simple change to Eclipse to add that, you can have it actually understand the code. I would probably take the existing JavaScript parser for eclipse and add in the AS3 features.
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          Ivascu Cristian

          Eclipse already does this (if it is what I am thinking). You can use the outline for actionscript files (.as) to see the structure of your code - with imports, methods and variables. To quickly jump to a method you can click on it in the outline or hit CTRL-O to bring up a pop-up that lets you quickly jump to a method by either typing its first letters or by selecting them with the mouse.
          As for the syntax part, what exactly do you have in mind? Syntax highlighting is already implemented.
          If I missed the point, please explain what exactly these enhancements should do.