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    Gradient annotator color panel in CS4 question


      I upgraded to Illustrator CS4 recently and I was testing outthe gradient tool with the gradient annotator.


      I am running 2 monitors - a 19" monitor designated as my first screen and a 21 UX Cintiq as my second screen.


      Illustrator is set to run on the Cintiq, and for the most bit everything appears there.


      However, if I turn on the gradient annotator and double click a color swatch to bring up the color chooser popup box, this box insists on opening on my other monitor.


      I cannot move it to the Cintiq.


      I can move all other menu panels, and even the Open and Place boxes etc to the Cintiq. Basically anything that can be moved, I have been able to move over.


      Is there no way to move this popup box to the 2nd monitor? And if not, is the problem rectified in CS5?


      Thanks in advance.