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    Create Resume: Photoshop or Illustrator


      I am a freelance videographer looking to update and make my resume more creative. Should I do it in Photoshop or Illustrator?

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          Depends i take it you want more than text and assume you either do not know ID or do not have it.


          One thing really good about Illustrator and Photoshop is that they work together well and you can use your Illustrator files as smart objects in Photoshop.Meaning you edit the content in Illustrator and they update in Photoshop so if yu go this route use both if you find you need to some of the wor in AI and  some in PS.


          Keep in mind that should you get real creative about it and resample the resume for the web this work flow is very good as photoshop files can be used as smart objects in Dreamweaver.


          And of course Photoshop can be used to edit clips or create them as well as animations since it has a timeline if you use the extended version.

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            Userbak610 Level 3

            Personally, I would setup a resume in Word or Indesign.


            Not sure what you intend to do with your resume but keep a few things in mind. There is no real need to put anything "fancy" on a resume and often times employers that receive such "fancy" resumes will disregard as it shows that you are trying too hard and are desperate. "Fancy" work is what a portfolio is for. If you want a resume to stick out, try printing it on lightly colored stock or a heavier weight paper.

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              Well I suggest plain resume will do, no need for adobe to be look more attractive, a resume template would be enough. Just be honest with the content and make it more presentable. Don’t forgot to bring your portfolio if you.. Good luck!