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    Problems with dSLR footage - help/experience needed


      Hi All --


      I'm running Premiere Pro CS5 on 3 different towers at my small studio. We switched to Premiere for the native H.264 support last month and have been experiencing numerous crashes, poor exports etc on several recent projects. Our machines are high powered  (32GB RAM 3,1 and 4,1 Mac Pro Stations with GTX-285 or GForce GT-120) and I don't know if the issue is with the way that we are setting up projects, managing our caches/scratch files [set on local RAID 0]  OR if the complex video shorts we are working on (Up to 6 video layers at a time duting a 3 minute short) are the cause behind the projects to not open on one machine and crash regularly on the others.


      Am I just expecting too much from the native H.264 support in CS5? Yes I can edit one or two video tracks without any problems, but the split screens and moving layers that we frequently do might be too much for Premiere? Would I be better off transcoding to a different codec?


      At this point I've turned off the Accelerated GPU rendering (regularly crashing) but am still experience frequent iussues and having to restart. I don't fully understand how CS5 works compared to FCP so its difficult for me to troubleshoot.


      Is anybody else having these issues? Any fixes? Insight?


      Many thanks for your help!