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    JS: Item coordinates and sizes

    eboda_snaf Level 1

      I've tried using both visibleBounds and geometricBounds to get a item coordinates and size on page..

      it will give me a strange results such as10.6413765606047, -2.93075, 179.358623439395, 202.93075


      The item's actual coordinate on page is just x=0mm, y=20mm, W=200mm and H=150mm shown on the panel,

      how can i get the item's actual coordiante as of the panel's?


      can anyone please advise? Thanks alot!!

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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The script languages show measurements in credit-card number size decimals, that's ok.

          To check the reported bounds against what you see in the Transform panel, select the top-left anchor to check the first two values of the geometric bounds, the bottom-right one to check the last tw values of the bounds. Also bear in mind the Transform panel gives you x and y values of the selected anchor and the width and height of the frame whereas the geometricBounds gives you top, left, bottom, and right of a frame, so that you need to calculate the width and height.



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            PankChat Level 1

            Well what Peter has suggested is correct. You will getting the top, left,

            bottom, right coordinates of an object.


            I normally use to set my rulers to "mm" for better view or calculations

            for such purposes. Depends upon choice


            //Set the ruler option at zero point and change measurement units to mm


            var myDoc=app.activeDocument

            myDoc.zeroPoint = Array(0,0)

            with (myDoc.viewPreferences)


                    var myOldXUnits = horizontalMeasurementUnits;

                    var myOldYUnits = verticalMeasurementUnits;

                    horizontalMeasurementUnits = MeasurementUnits.millimeters;

                    verticalMeasurementUnits = MeasurementUnits.millimeters;




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              eboda_snaf Level 1

              Thanks to both of u!!....