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    Stroke Layer FX & Motion Blur


      If I turn on motion blur with a layer with a Stroke Layer Effect I get a muddy trail. I know a switch in Photoshop's blending options to evaluate the alpha after the stroke is applied and fix things, is there something similar in AE? Or just turn this in a WishList Entry, I belive this applies also to other layer effects and it is a quite critical fix to be done.

      All hints and comments are welcome.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The problem with Layer Styles in AE is that they are applied after transformations, at the end of the processing pipeline.  The result is that the motion blur is rendered, and THEN the layer style effect (in your case, a stroke) is applied to that image.  This can cause all sorts of screwy results.


          Some workarounds include:


          • Precompose your layer and add the stroke layer style in the precomp, before the transformation in the main comp


          • Use an effect-based stroke tool if possible, like Trapcode 3D stroke etc.


          • Apply the stroke in Photoshop and flatten the layer before importing to AE



          A BIG wish from me is that AE became pseudo-node based.  The ability to reposition any stage of the render pipeline would be an enormous shift in AE's capabilities.  So, for example, you could transform, then mask, then layer style - Stroke, then plugin effect, then transform again, then layer style Drop Shadow, all in one layer with no precomps. 


          It sounds simple, but would be a massive undertaking to change AE's core structure, I'm sure.  But I can dream! :-)

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Andrew explained... Simply pre-compose or use alternate ways of producing outlines (e.g. a very opaquae Glow effect).