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    File conversion to fix problem with camera files


      When I use video clips from my Canon Powershot A 640 (a digital stills camera) I encounter frequent crashes and hangs. This occurs when I have anything more than about 3 mins of this type of footage in the project. Previously I solved this problem by editing the video in seperate projects of no more than 3 mins and then exported them as AVI files and combined them into one project. This worked but was very cumbersome.


      I presume Pre7 has problems with the AVI file format my camera produces. I am thinking about using a converter to hopefully convert them to an AVI format that Pre can better use before adding them to a project. Is this a feasible solution to the problem? Would there be any significant loss of quality?


      I have Prism Video File Converter on my computer but haven't tried it yet. Does anyone know if the AVI output files from Prism will work in Pre7 or should I use a different converter?