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    Error executing RDS command. Status Code:404


      The following problem really made crazy. I worked it for a whole day and still didn't figure it out. could someone help me ? Thanks a million.


      I created a project using this way:


      and select a tomcat server 6.0.*


      and my RDS configuration in my web.xml is this:

      part of my web.xml

          <servlet-mapping id="RDS_DISPATCH_MAPPING">


      when I created my flex project, and added it to the server using the way of Add web module... . After that, I started my server, and changed to this view:


      I clicked "Connect to Data/Service..." and selected the service type "BlazeDS". When the Flash  Builder popped up a Authentication window, I checked "No password required" and clicked the OK button, and then, the problem comes out.


      Any clues for this problem? Thank you.