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    Search problem

    Rahul karn1 Level 1



      I am using RH8.0.2.


      In my project 240 child projects are merged in the parent project.


      I have imported these projects from RH5 to the latest version RH8.0.2 and made changes in all the 240 child projects and merged it.


      Now when i am searching any word search display only the words it can found in the parent project, as a result the number of pages found get reduced drastically.


      I do some reseach i found that the merge file path in hhp file is of my local machine (D:\M5_protocol_help\PCS_X.chm),to confirm i merged a new child project but i found in hhp file, instead of the full path only name of project (BTSM.chm) is there.


      Now again i close the project and reopen it i found the new child project which i merged is gone.



      Any solutions?Thanks in anticipation!!!


      Thanks and Regards,


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Raul.


          This is a known issue with the HTML Help compiler. You can get around this by opening the parent project, opening the HHP file in Notepad and removing the path to the CHMs. You should then be left with a section that looks like this:


          [MEGRED FILES]



          If you then compile the project you'll get all your search terms available. Note however that these changes will have to be reapplied as they are lost when you close the project after the compile.

            The RoboColum(n)   @robocolumn   Colum McAndrew
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            Amebr Level 4

            With regard to the disappearing child chm, this topic suggests the underscores could cause files to disappear, although I think only from the output:

            Merge Files details disappearing from HHP file


            Also, from memory, we had a problem where the merged file would appear in the RH TOC editor, but would not get compiled (i.e. would not appear in the MERGE FILES section), because Robohelp was not adding the chm to the xpj file. I opened the xpj file in a text editor, found the <mergedhelpfiles> tag and added the chm in the appropriate place.


            Ah, here's the post:

            Limit on number of projects to be merged


            Towards the bottom, and the solution was indeed editing the xpj file.



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              We have another problem with Search.  We tag a lot of Content and or Topics out for different versions of a tool in the same RH project and have even resorted to creating multiple TOCs to avoid complicated tagging. When the Search function is enabled in the .chm, all the topics from that project folder appear in the Topics List if they have text related to the search. Is there anyway to block topics that are unrelated to the .chm if you don't want them in the search results? We're working with RoboHelp 8.


              Thanks, Jim

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                RoboColum(n) Level 5

                Hi Jim.


                Can I clarify that by "tagging" you mean conditional build tags? If so, I wouldn't have expected the topics to appear in the search as the content would not exist in the CHM. However you mention "all the topics from that project folder appear in the Topics List" which makes me wonder if your tags have become confused a bit. Would a tag have been applied at a folder level, in which case all the topics in it would be tagged?

                  The RoboColum(n)   @robocolumn   Colum McAndrew
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                  TechWrt49 Level 1



                  Yes they are conditional build tags. We may have as many as 15 html layouts in a project. We tag content in a topic, or whole topics themselves to be excluded from certain layouts. After generating the .chm, search on a given string results in all topics (from the same project folder) with that string displayed, whether they are part of that .chm or not. We get the same result when we have different TOCs within that project.


                  For example, let's say we have a Topic titled "Coffee," the file name is Coffee.htm in one TOC, and Coffee_ProductX.htm in another. We keep the topic Name the same, it's still "Coffee" for both topics, but the file names are different. If you execute a search for "coffee" in the .chm that has the first topic, it will also display the second topic, except to the user they appear as the same thing since the topic names are the same, although the content will be different.


                  I would assume that conditionally tagged content is not a problem, since the search displays by topic, but I'd have to investigate to be sure.  However, I know that when a conditional build tag is applied to a topic, that a search for any of the content in the topic will display in a .chm that doesn't have that topic as long as it's from the same RH project.


                  I hope this helps.



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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                    When you apply a CBT to a topic, are you doing that in Project Manager or the TOC.


                    Applying a tag in Project Manager excludes it from the build, applying it in the TOC does not, it only stops that item from being shown in the TOC, it is still in the build.


                    See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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                      TechWrt49 Level 1

                      We go to Properties from the r-click menu within the topic itself and apply the tag from there. I assume that means we're doing it in Project Manager, we don't apply it in the TOC.

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                        Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Hi all


                        Mewonders about something I've not seen mentioned. It would appear we are making some assumptions here. The assumptions? Well, from what I'm reading it appears an assumption that you know exactly what conditionalizing involves.


                        Applying Conditions and excluding content is a two part process. A bit like a show with an intermission.


                        In the first part, you define tags and apply the tags to content. (Images, Words, Table of Contents entries and Entire Topics. But if you stop there it's a bit like thinking the movie is over and leaving the theatre. You will likely be left unsatisfied thinking: Well! That was sure an odd ending to leave you hanging like that! What happened with the plot?


                        Now we talk about the second part. So after the intermission, you observe the rest of the movie. In RoboHelp that would be creating and implementing the Conditional Build Expression. That's where you define what topics to exclude. It is often done in the Single Source Layout recipe.


                        So the question here that I see looming is to ask if you have created and implemented the Conditional Build Expression?


                        Cheers... Rick



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                          TechWrt49 Level 1

                          Absolutely.  Topics and content are excluded in the .chm, (per the build expression applied), but they come out of nowhere when searching for them.

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                            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Ummm, if they were excluded from the CHM they wouldn't be found. Period. Full Stop. Whatever.


                            So you have some detective work to do to sort why they aren't being excluded. Are you certain you are looking at the most recent CHM file?


                            I ask because it wouldn't be the first time I would have seen someone report issues such as yours only to discover that they were using a shortcut that pointed to a copy of the CHM in an obscure location.


                            Cheers... Rick


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                              RoboColum(n) Level 5

                              To add to what Rick has suggested, have you tried generating the CHM to a directory with no content? Seem to remember people having similar issues where the CHM has been generated to a directory that also contains the actual topic files.


                                The RoboColum(n)   @robocolumn   Colum McAndrew
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                                TechWrt49 Level 1

                                Yes just generated, but you're right, I need to investigate more. Apparently topics from different TOCs need CBTs to prevent them from displaying in the CHM search, even though they aren't in Contents tab.

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                                  TechWrt49 Level 1

                                  I'll experiment with it. By default the output folder is a sub-folder of the project where the topics reside, but the CHMs are not in the same folder with the topics. Thanks, Jim