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    Building a presentation with lots of video content

    Bill BC

      I am trying to build a presentation tool with Catalyst. I have a main menu with links to pages/states, each a different category. Once on that page there is a list of about 15 links that need to launch videos to play at fullscreen. I then need to add a button that allows you to close the video and go back to the menu.


      As I've been building this out I have realized the way I am doinng it is not scalable for this ammount of content. I've been creating a new state for each menu and each video. Keeping it organized and making all the transitions for each state to the next is gettng to be too much. I'm looking for suggestions on a better way to do this.


      Ideally I'd like to buld out the menu pages as states and have the links to the videos pull videos from an extenal folder without loading it into the FC project. Another thing that would be great would be to have the video links be generated from an external files as well like an XML or something like that.


      In a nutshell I need a way to easily create a presentation tool with lots of links to videos that can play full screen and easily return back to the menus. The key is finding a way to easily build this without it turning it into a big mess.


      Here's a sample I posted online as a test. It's a bit sloppy but it gives you an idea of what I am trying to do. I only have one video link hear but each page will have a lot more in the final product.  Note: Click on the opening screen to go to the main menu. within there click on the CSOM link at the bottom to see the video menu.



      I am a designer and not a programer so I don't have experience with Flash Builder or Flex.