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    can flash handle multiple screens?


      hi people,


      need some advice please. I want to make an application that works on 2 screen.


      • on screen1 I need to make GUI with several buttons, sliders, radio buttons, field for dynamic text
      • on screen2 (big screen / LED / video projector) I want to output photos and simple vector animations that are controlled with GUI on screen1


      I don't know if it is possible in Flash to have one output with GUI and other with content. Does Flash recognize multiple screen outputs? Is there an action script command to tell flash projector: this put on screen1 and this put on screen2



      I have been using flash when it was version 3. I stopped with MX version and haven't opened it for last 5 years.I was great in as1, ok with as2 but never read/write any command in as3. This is a big challenge for me



      thanks in advance