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    How to override the functionality of a method which is embedded in an swf

    Sangeeta Kalyani



      I have an swf for my application for which i do not have the source code. Now i want to override the functionality of a method (say doIt()) in a class (say MyClass.as).


      Is there any way to achieve the classloader functionality that similar to the tomcat classloading functionality for java files.


      i.e Tomcat's classloader searches the WEB-INF/classes directory before the WEB-INF/lib/*.jar. That means my original code is in lib folder, and the orerriden code is in the classes folder. In this case, tomcat will see the classes folder first, if my class does not exist in this folder, then it looks for the lib folder.


      Can we achieve the same class loading functionality in Flex. The overall idea is to change the functionlity of a feature without touching the original swf and by creating an external swf and by calling it.




      Sangeeta Kalyani