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    PHP URL Parsing



      I am very new to the whole dynamic website side of dreamweaver.

      I have 2 pages - a master page and a details page.

      I have the following code below which produces all the data in my details.php page and has each of the product codes successfully linking to its' individual details on the proddetails.php page.


      proddetails.php?recordID=<?php echo $row_rs_products['prod_id']; ?>


      I have 4 main colomns

      prod_id (unique)





      However is is possible to not just produce the individual record of an item by it's id,but to actually select a selection of products by prod_level.?



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          Günter Schenk Level 4

          Hi there,


          you can, for instance, pass the product level to a different PHP document by using an URL parameter as well, examples:

          - prod_by_level.php?level=1
          - prod_by_level.php?level=2


          The page "prod_by_level.php" would then have to contain a recordset like this:


          "SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE prod_level" equals the URL parameter "level", and in order to list the matching products as tabular data just make use of Dreamweaver´s "Repeat Region" server behaviour.


          However, in the future better post such "native PHP" questions in the regular Dreamweaver Application Development forum. The current forum deals with questions which are related to the Dreamweaver extension ADDT, which generates server-side code and has been discontinued over a year ago, that is, the number of fellow forum participants is much larger in the regular Dreamweaver forums.




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            ebanbury Level 1

            Thanks I'll try that.

            And get the right forum next time...:-)