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    Flex 4.1 Bug:Accessing dragged Items of a List in dragDrop handler

    drumaddict71 Level 1

      I was trying for three days to access the  dragged Item of a dragEnabled  Spark List ,but no luck.

      The standard way to do this is


      var draggedItems:Vector.<Object>=event.dragSource.dataForFormat("itemsByIndex") as Vector.<Object>;


      where event is  a DragEvent event.

      draggedItems always returned null.I compiled with flex 4.1 SDK.

      Guess what?The code worked with flex 4.0 SDK.

      This is not the only Flex 4.1 SDK bug.The TLF 1.1 included in it,is also buggy, I reported in TLF forum where Adobe people successfully reproduced the bugs I reported,thus confirming the problem.

      @Adobe:Please  make sure  to minimize potential problems in new  SDK   releases.You will save us from HOURS of pain and mental disorders.

      Don't get me wrong,I still love Flex!