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    iFrame in a PopUp

    Michael Kraft Level 1

      I have a component, that I use as a PopUp. Inside this component I have an iFrame.

      If I call the PopUp it opens and the url I want to load open up in a new Browserwindow and not inside the IFrame. Could this be bacause of a wrong reference to the window, when I call the URL? This the actual code inside the iFrame component:

      navigateToURL( new URLRequest( source ) , 'myPopUp.theIframeIDinsideMyPopup' );

      regards - Michael
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          This post is old but still thought a reply could do other wanderers/newbies some good.

          The newer version of Iframe should have fixed it. Anyways the navigateToUrl method is used to open a new window.

          Set the source attribute of your Iframe to the url that it should contain.