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    Can we rebrand flex based component using CSS?

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      We are new to Flex.


      We just built a custom grid component extending ADG using version 4. We would like the consumers (other application developers) use this component within other J2EE based applications with additional customization like

      • branding or themes. --- can we use external CSS ?
      • grid columns, order, initial sort order, filtering, , data source   ( or backend service url )  to retrieve data, etc ? how can we do it? if this component is offered as an HTTP(S) url, can we pass in parameters to customize before framing it ? which is the best way ?


      Please let us know whether it is possible ? If so, how best we can implement it ? Any examples out there? Appreciate if someone can share. It will help us to add this custom grid to our component repository.


      Thanks in advance,



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          AdvancedDataGrid is part of the Flex 3 Data Visualization library.


          You can use external CSS with Flex, but the styling options offered tend to be quite limited.


          As for the configuration of the grid, you will have to pass this in somehow either through the use of flashvars or through the ExternalInterface.

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            Thanks for the quick reply. It will be helpful if you have any examples of customization by passing in FlashVars or thru ExternalInterface. Appreciate your time and help.


            For styling, it is very disappointing to know that we are limited. If there is a way to tweak in that will help while Adobe comes out with additional support for styling in future versions.